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 Present Continuous

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مُساهمةموضوع: Present Continuous   الإثنين أبريل 04, 2011 1:40 pm

b]Present Continuous[/


[am/is/are + present participle]

USE 1 Now الان

Use the Present Continuous with Normal Verbs to express the idea that something is happening now, at this very moment. It can also be used to show that something is not happening now.

· You are learning English now.
* You are not swimming now.

· You are sleeping now
* I am sitting.

· * He is sitting or standing.
*They are reading their books.

USE 2 Longer Actions in Progress Now

In English, "now" can mean: this second, today, this month, this year, this century, and so on. Sometimes, we use the Present Continuous to say that we are in the process of doing a longer action which is in progress;تقدم / ارتقاء however, we might not be doing it at this exact second.
(All of these sentences can be said while eating dinner in a restaurant.)

· I am studying to become a doctor.

· * I am not studying to become a dentist.

    <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 3.75pt 3.75pt 3.75pt 36pt; COLOR: fuchsia; DIRECTION: ltr; unicode-bidi: embed; TEXT-ALIGN: left; mso-list: l56 level1 lfo42; tab-stops: list 36.0pt">You are teaching at the university now.
  • * I am reading the book

· Are you working on any special projects at work?

USE 3 Near Future

Sometimes, speakers use the Present Continuous to indicate that something will or will not happen in the near future.

· I am meeting some friends after work.

· * I am going to the party tonight .

· He is visiting his parents next weekend.

· * He is coming with us tonight.

USE 4 Repetition with "Always"

The Present Continuous with words such as "always" or "constantly" باستمرار expresses the idea that something irritating مثير or shocking فجأة often happens. Notice that the meaning is like Simple Present, but with negative emotionانفعال سالب. Remember to put the words "always" or "constantly" between "be" and "verb+ing."

· She is always coming to class late. .

· He is constantly talking I wish he would shut up.

· I don't like them because they are always complaining. .

Adverbs : ---- now / soon /at this moment /at present / today / still / be carefull / be quit /

Look / take care / look out احترس

REMEMBER Non-Continuous Verbs/ Mixed Verbs

It is important to remember that Non-Continuous Verbs cannot be used in any continuous tenses. Also, certain non-continuous meanings for Mixed Verbs cannot be used in continuous tenses. Instead of using Present Continuous with these verbs, you must use Simple Present.

· She is loving this chocolate ice cream. Not Correct

· She loves this chocolate ice cream. Correct

1-verbs of mental activity :----- know/ remember/ realize يدرك/ recognize يتعرف/ forget

think/ understand/ conclude يستنتج

2-verbs of senses:-------------love/ like/ hate/ dislike/ feel/ taste/ smellيشم / see/ mind يمانع /
care/ fear يخاف / envy يحسد

3-verbs of desireالرغبة and others:-------want / need/ wish /consist /seem/ appear/ exist/
desire يرغب

4-verbs of possessionالملكية:-------won /possess يمتلكbelong to /have

The negative النفى :-----------

    <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 3.75pt 3.75pt 3.75pt 36pt; COLOR: fuchsia; DIRECTION: ltr; unicode-bidi: embed; TEXT-ALIGN: left; mso-list: l64 level1 lfo45; tab-stops: list 36.0pt">They are not watching television.
  • * He is not coming with us tonight.
I am not standing.

  • I am not reading any books right now.

    the interrogative, الاستفهام:-----------

    Were you listening while he was talking?

    What were you doing when the earthquake started?

    By Mr: Mohammed Abou elmgd

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Present Continuous
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