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 Journey to the center of the Earthe- chapter 5

اذهب الى الأسفل 
كاتب الموضوعرسالة
محمد أبو المجد

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مُساهمةموضوع: Journey to the center of the Earthe- chapter 5   الإثنين أبريل 04, 2011 2:09 pm


1- How many days did the three men follow the eastern passage? الممر الشرقى
For five days.

2- Why did the three men become tired quikly as they followed the eastern passage?
Because the passage was going up , not down .صاعد لأعلى ,ليس لأسفل

3- How were the rocks that were in the eastern passage?
The rocks were different ,younger rocks where plants and animals were preserved in the rocks . حيث النباتات و الحيوانات محفوظة فى الصخور

4- What was preserved حـفظ in the rocks that they saw in the eastern passage?
Plants , animals and insects .

5- Why did Axel think that they were taking the wrong path? الممر الخطأ
Because it was going up and there younger rocks where plants and animals were preserved.
6- What was the sellصدفة- غطاء of an insect that was preserved in the rocks meaned?
It mened they may had taken the wrong path.

7- Where did they find the trees ?
They found whole tree أشجار كاملةpreserved in the rocks wallsحوائط - جدران الصخور

8- Why did they go back to the crossroads تقاطع الطرق ?
-Because they had taken the wrong path.
-Because they came to a blank wall.
-To take the western passage . الممر الغربي

9- How was Axel when they rached the crossroads ?
He was very tired and thirstyتعبان و عطشان so he fall to the ground سقط أرضاً.

10- Why did Axel tell the Professor to give up يقلع – يوقف the journey ?
Because they had finished all their water and he thoughtظن they would die of the
thirstyيموتوا عطشاً.

11- What did the Professor say when Axel asked him to give up the journy ?
He told Axel if they didn’t find water the next day,they would go back together.

12- When did Axel feel stronger ?
When he drank the last few drops of water أخر قطرات الماء القليلة he felt stronger.

13- How were the rocks that were in the western passage?
The passage led down through older rocks.
14- What noise did they hear in western passage ?
They heard the noise of running waterماء جارى .on the other side of the wall of rock الحائط الصخرى there was an underground river.

15- What did Hans do to get water ?
He moved along the wall, listening to the water where the water was loudestالصوت الأعلى , he lifted his pickaxe فأس and hit the rock to make a holeفتحة in the wall.

16- What did Hans use to make a hole in the wall?
He used his pickaxe فأس.

17- Why did Hans do when the jetنافورة of water hit him صدمته ?
He cried out in pain صرخ الماً

18- What did they do when the water cooled?
They drank and filled their bottles.ملئوا زجاجاتهم
19- How did the water of the undergroung river taste?
It tasted better than any water they had ever tasted.

20- Why did they decide to leave the hole in the wall behind them?
Because the undergrond river would run beside them and guide them to the quickest way down.

21- Where did the western passage take the three men ? And how did they know?
It took them under the Atlantic Oceanالمحيط الأطلسى .The Professor calculatedحسب their positionموقعهم using his scientific instruments.الأجهزة العلمية

22- Every day , the Professpr used his scientific instruments.Why?
To calculate their position .
23- How did the Professor calculate their position?
By using his scientific instruments.

24- What did the increased الزائد air pressure الضغط الجوى cause تسبب to Axel?
It caused pain ألم in his ears .
25- Why did Axel feel pain in his ears ?
Because of the increased air pressure.
26- Why did the Professor advise Axel to breathe quickly when he felt pain in his ears? - To relieve يخفف the pressure.

27- How did Axel get lost? فقد
He walked in frunt of Hans and his uncle and somewhere he took the wrong turning.

28-What happened to Axel after he was separated fromانفصل عنHans and his uncle?
The torch borke so he ran against the rock in the darkness.He cut himself and fainted.

29- Why did Axel faint when he got lost ?
He ran against the rocks in the darkness, so he cut himself and fainted

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Journey to the center of the Earthe- chapter 5
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