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 One of the hot spots- short stories -

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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محمد أبو المجد

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مُساهمةموضوع: One of the hot spots- short stories -   الجمعة أكتوبر 19, 2012 12:43 pm

ter]One of the hot spots[/center]
[center]احدى البقاع الحارة

1 – where was the ship " plancius " standing?
the ship was standing half amile from the shore at semarang .

2 – why did the ship stand half a mile from the shore ?
the water was shallow0

3 – how long did the writer stay in front of semarang ?
he stayed for ten hours .

4 – why didin"t the writer visit semarang ?
he was not attracted by it as it lacked colour and gaiety
5 – what was will - known about semarang ?
it was the hottest town in the whole of islands .

6 – why was semarang very hot ?
the mountain behind it kebt the wind of .

7 – how was the water of the sea near semarang ? why ?
the water was smoth,solid and glassy bacause there was no wind .

8 – what was the question that the writer asked the officer ?
the writer asked him if he had ever been on a ship when someone
jumped into the sea .

9– why was the officer surprised when he heard the writer'squestion?
he was surprised because it actually happened at that place .

10 – when did the passenger jump into the sea ?
he jumped into the sea early in the morning .

11 – why was the officer standing there at that time ?
he was standing for a smoke .

12 – how did the passenger jump into the sea ?
the passenger jumped into the sea with his feet first .

13 – what did the passenger do when fell into the sea ?
he climbed up the ladder and went on board the ship . he was all wat .

14 – what did the passenger do when he climbed up to the ship ?
he looked at his watch and went to his room .

15 – when did the officer sea the passenger after going back to his room ?
he saw him at breakfast . he sat next to the officer as usual . they did not say aword about what had happened .

16 – why was it wrong for the officer not to report what the
passenger had done ?
if the captain had knowen the matter , the officer would have got into trouble .

17 – what did the officer know about that passenger ?

he knew that he was coming back to his work in semarang . perhaps
he might be somewhere in it at that moment .

18 – why did the writer not blame the passenger for what he had done
he was coming back to work in that great heat of that town away from home

19 – what happened when the ship moved ?
there was alittle wind as they were leaving the town with the mountain behind it
20 – how did the writer feel when the ship moved ?
he felt it was like getting out of prison .

21 – what was the writer' s feeelings towords " semarang " ?
he disliked it and didn"t want to see it again .
He felt sorry for all the people living in semarang .

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One of the hot spots- short stories -
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